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It is a pin mill of its own structure that grinding room is protected by an abrasion-resisting ceramics. KM Super Mill shows the following excellent features.


■ High abrasion resistance:10 to 90 times of high chromium cast iron

Abrasion resistance of the grinding pin is very high and about 10 to 90 times of high chromium cast iron, it is suitable for grinding of raw materials with high silica content in particular.

■ Good shape of product

KM Super Mill can produce good shape of sand close to the cube which was difficult for other existing mills to get in. It has been rated as high for concrete crushed sand in particular.
The particle size can be easily adjusted by changing the rotation speed of the rotor.

■ Less contamination

KM Super Mill has less contamination by using ceramics.

■ Easy maintenance

Because housing has a split structure, internal inspection is easy.

■ Small installation area

Installation area can be reduced to 55% of conventional model by loading the motor on the body.