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No-Shrink Grouting Mortar

"Taiheiyo Pre U-Lox" is a cementitious non-shrink mortar pre-mixed at optimal amount ratio binder and fine aggregate that has been examined thoroughly (cement + admixture).

Non-shrinkage mortar just added water shows the following excellent performance.


■ Premix type
None required preparation in the field.
Just stir in the water.
Uniform quality and stable construction is possible.

■ Non bleeding
It does not cause bleeding phenomenon, which is a problem in the concrete and mortar high moisture content.

■ High strength expression
Stable strength performance for a long time from the beginning.

■ High fluidity, filling up of small gaps
It does not require a compaction of the vibrator, etc.

Taiheiyo Pre U-Lox

Usage of Non-Shrink Grouting Mortar

Bridges Earthquake-proof buildings

General building, civil